Do Giant Spiders Arrive on Apex Legends? Leaks, Rumors and More


While this may sound like a wacky theory, there is some evidence that some giant spiders might be going to Kings Canyon in  Apex Legends  – with one last clue coming from Respawn Entertainment.

The animal kingdom of the Battle Royale could expand. Here’s all the evidence we have to date to suggest that spider-like monsters are coming on Apex Legends.

Sounds of the spider have leaked

The first clue that a form of arachnid could be added to Apex Legends comes from the data miner,  @ That1MiningGuy, who discovered sound files that looked a lot like spiders.

The file is also called ‘AB_MIST_SPIDERS’, so this is clearly not a coincidence.

The story of Caustic in Apex Legends

On July 17,  Respawn released a new legend, Caustic. Fans noticed that there were even more clues showing big eight-legged creatures.

t turns out that the fatal gas from Caustic is actually made from the poison of the Scarabaeidae Arachnia – “a big spider inhabiting the forest”.

Halloween Theme for Season 3 of Apex Legends?

Still not convinced? Well, we could even have an indication of when these spiders could attack. The current season of Apex Legends is expected to end in early October – the perfect timing for a Halloween theme in Season 3.

In fact, leaked cosmetics also suggest that a phantasmagorical style inspired by flesh and insect themes will come on Apex Legends at some point, and a Halloween event seems the most appropriate.

these three textures were found by the data miners and are ready to be used on various future skins:
In fact, the data miner That1MiningGuy has also found a promotional image that has not yet been shown in the game. This image represents both Wraith and Caustic wearing this new motif on a skin.