Fortnite: A $1Million Mobile Tournament Could Happen


Fortnite Battle Royale’s mobile players may soon have their own tournament that could have quite a high cash flow.

Epic Games, which organizes tournaments on Fortnite Battle Royale with huge amounts of money at stake, has become a habit these days, especially with the $ 100 invested over the year. Thanks to the record revenues recorded by their prestigious royal battle, they were able to dedicate jackpots that had never been seen before in e-sport. 

Now, according to Matt Rutledge, director of mobile games at Complexity Gaming, Epic Games could host a gigantic tournament for mobile players, which would be the first of its kind on Fortnite.

“A $ 1 million Fortnite Mobile Cup could happen,” he tweeted on July 17. “It’s money and fame that changes the lives of every day, if you’re a mobile player, get started on this adventure.”

Rutledge is right, the money and recognition that would come from winning in a tournament of this magnitude and caliber could change lives.

Although the Fortnite mobile community is not as well-known as its PC and console counterparts, it has some extremely talented players who can play as well as anyone using a controller or mouse and keyboard.

The main and most obvious concern, however, is for players who gain a major advantage by using a controller on their mobile device, some of which are virtually undetectable.

In this spirit, Epic Games should probably find a way to make sure everyone plays the same way, directly on their device, without the help of third-party technologies.