How To Cure Mobile Bubble And Other Fortnite Vehicles With A New Tip


Fortnite fans have discovered a new, strange way to “fix” damaged vehicles like Mobile Bubble and other vehicles!

Since its introduction in v8.10 update, the Mobile Bubble has become one of the most boring and controversial elements of Fortnite. Professional and casual players have criticized its impact on end-of-game situations, prompting  Epic Games to make changes.

Despite this, bugs are common, players have even found a way to become invisible when they were inside. However, the latest error is less rage and a little more confusing, as there is a way to repair a damaged vehicle.

In a publication on Fortnite’s Reddit forum, user 420_Flo “reminded” that players with a damaged Mobile Bubble can use campfires scattered on the map to fix it. 

420_Flo even showed that the vehicle did not need to be above the fire but only in the vicinity – as shown by the example of the Mobile Bubble, its health has increased from 106 to 150 in a few moments.

While the Reddit user felt that people just needed to remember this trick, he was left puzzled because other users did not know they could fix their vehicles with campfires. 

” Maybe it’s not a reminder because I think it’s new since (the) last update, I thought you should know,” he said, as a result of many confused comments from the players.

However, that did not stop other players from getting into a game quickly and seeing if healing worked on other vehicles.

Some pointed out that the method also worked on the aircraft and quads in exactly the same way, as the proximity of a lit campfire would immediately begin to repair them.