The New Pokemon Masters Trailer Provides a New Release Date


A new trailer for  Pokémon  Masters has been released. It presents new gameplay and new features of the upcoming mobile game.

Release date

However, beyond all the details, Pokémon fans just want to know when the new game will come out. The release date of Pokémon Masters is under scrutiny because we still have no official date.

It started with rumors between April 2020 and 2019, and more recently in the summer of 2019. The new trailer announces that ” the release is scheduled for summer 2019 “.

Although this seems hardly definitive, it means that Pokémon Masters should be available as soon as possible. Officially, the summer lasts from June 21 to September 23, which means it can be aired anytime by September. The new trailer also augments that the game could be imminent.

3vs3 battles in coop mode

The trailer itself revealed a new co-op mode where three players can team up against three AI opponents. When you are in a team of three, you can use a powerful hit called unit attack that uses the Pokémon of the three players. The unit attack will probably play an important role in the match.

While this new 3v3 mode is being touted as a whole new mode, some experienced Pokemon trainers have noted that this was previously a feature introduced in the Gen 5. This was introduced in Pokemon Black and White before to be deleted in Gen 7.

What did the trailer reveal?

In most cases, the new Pokemon Masters trailer featured what we already know about the game: coaches and Pokemon come in duets and the fights take place in real-time. The latter is the novelty of this year because the previous Pokemon games had mainly opted for a turn-based combat system.

Sygna Costumes

The information we received about Pokémon Masters indicates that each trainer has a fixed Pokémon, but that’s not quite true.

A press release for the trailer revealed that coaches can wear a special Sygna wetsuit allowing them to use another partner, Pokemon. The example given is that of Brock’s partner, Tyranitar, as opposed to Onix.

Pokémon Masters is a collaboration between the DeNA mobile game development studio and the Pokemon company – it will be available on iOS and Android.