Apex Legends: How to get inside the Leviathans


Season 2 of Apex Legends introduced the Leviathans moving into the Kings Canyon, but recently a player discovered that it was possible to get inside these big monsters.

The launch of the second season of Apex Legends has brought many changes to the map, including the arrival of Leviathans.

These huge monsters wander in the middle of the map and can crush you at any time since they are absolutely giant. But many players have recently found a way to get inside these beasts.

How to get into the Apex Legends Leviathan

Players have discovered that there are many ways to get inside Leviathans in Apex Legends. Although this does not offer a real tactical advantage, it may be interesting for you to test this funny experience.

PapaGrease1, a Reddit user, discovered that there was a very simple way to get into a Leviathan, since at the launch of the game, while he wanted to land, he collided with the giant monster and found in it.


Another method that requires a little more work is to get into the body of the beast with the Wraith Portal and the Octane Trampoline.

Indeed, the technique of Wingedkeyboard asks to find a Leviathan and wait for it to move. As he moves, the player uses Octane’s springboard and places his gate.

The portal is placed directly in the body of Leviathan and it is possible to get in with his teammates.