Fortnite: A New Emote “Floss” Was Discovered in the Files


Fortnite fans marvel at the fact that a new version of the emote “Floss” has been discovered in the game’s files.

Epic Games regularly adds emotes to the game that players can win and buy, and while some have gained popularity through memes and more, some of them have been etched into people’s minds.

Although some of the dances were strongly inspired by external sources, it seems that the very popular dance “Floss” is coming up soon in a new version, but this time with a slight modification that will not fail to please the players.

Named “No Sweat”, Floss’s one-handed emote shares the same name as an insurance company called “No Sweat Insurance” that survived the tragedy of the Season 8 volcano eruption.

Newcomers to Fortnite who missed the Floss emote from the Season 2 Combat Pass will be happy to have the chance to have another dance of the same type.