How to Participate in the $1 Million Xbox Fortnite Cup?


The  $1 Million Xbox Fortnite Cup is open to all players with an Xbox Live Gold membership and the action runs over two days. Here’s how you can play and make money.

It’s now an opportunity for all Xbox players to prove their dominance of Fortnite Battle Royale by participating in the exclusive console tournament that will run from July 20th to 21st.

The event is open to everyone, just play while the event is in progress. On July 20, the players’ position will determine whether they will be able to play the next day to hope to win cash prize.

When does the Xbox Cup begin?

The online qualifiers for the Xbox Cup will begin July 20 at 15:00 Paris time. 

From there, the top 3000 players of this first day will move to the next round of the Cup on July 21, which will take place at the same time: 15:00.

What is the format of the event?

As with all previous Fortnite events, there is a separate point system that applies to this tournament. Instead of choosing a Royal Victory, the format will take into account your eliminations as well as your final positions.

It is as follows:   

Royal Victory: 10 points  
2nd – 5th:
 7 points  
6th – 15th:
 5 points  
16th – 25th
  : 3 points  
Each elimination:
 1 point

This means that even if the placement will reward the players with the highest number of points, the eliminations should not be ignored.

How is the cash prize distributed?

Although the tournament is announced with a $ 1 million cash prize, this does not mean that the winner wins everything or almost.

Gains are split between different regions: $ 5,000 goes to winners in North America (East & West) and Europe and $ 3,500 to winners in Asia, Brazil, and Oceania. 

You can consult the complete list of prices below:

“Event Prizes – Europe 

Rank Prize 
1st $5,000 
2nd $4,000 
3rd $3,000 
4th $2,500 
5th $2,250 
6th $2,000 
7th $1,750 
8th $1,500 
9th $1,250 
10th $1,000 
11th-20th $700 
21st-30th $600 
31st-40th $500 
41st-50th $400 
51st-75th $350 
76th-100th $300 
101st-250th $250 
251st-1000th $200″

Now that you know how the event works, prove that you are one of the best Xbox Fortnite players in the world!