Mongraal vs Sway: The Ultimate Duel Throttle Against Keyboard Mouse on Fortnite


The much-anticipated 1v1 clash between  FaZe Clan  Fortnite, Mongraal and Sway superstars finally took place, decisively marking the eternal debate between gamepad and keyboard/mouse.

Regarding Fortnite, especially the competitive side, it would be difficult to find a person who does not know both Sway and Mongraal.

The two personalities embody everything a Fortnite star in today’s world: young, adept at building and publishing madly, capable of shooting with extremely precise shots and having reactions that few can match.

However, the major difference between the two, and it is quite significant: the fact that Sway plays Fortnite on a controller while Mongraal plays on mouse and keyboard.

Considering they are currently among the best players in the world, but are not from the same region, the fans were very excited when the two announced that they would play a 1vs1 private match.

So we’ll do a 1v1?

– Let’s go”

On July 17, Sway finally released the video of its epic 1v1 build fight, with some of the most intense and incredible building battles ever seen on Fortnite Battle Royale.

The video presents some of the best moments of the monumental encounter, each player doing his best to outdo the other in terms of construction, modification, and accuracy of the shots.

The fight eventually ended in a 10-8 win, in favor of Sway, one of the duels even ending in a tie because they had built so high that they could no longer pose any structures.

Although this duel will not end the debate between the gamepad and keyboard/mouse on the best way to play, it proves once again that the player’s controller can absolutely follow or exceed the player’s mouse and keyboard.