Review The Final Event Of Fortnite Season 9: Monster Vs. Robot


The long-awaited final event of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 has finally arrived and it has kept all its promises. If you missed this event, check it out now.

At the end of Season 8, the giant volcano erupted, sending molten rocks to Polar Peak, which finally broke the iceberg and brought out a monster, later nicknamed Cattus, hidden inside. This monster had escaped and caused a lot of damage on the map destroying Loot Lake.

In response to the danger posed by the monster, the construction of a giant robot then began at Pressure Plant, then called Doggus, probably built to fight the creature.



This clash took place on Saturday, July 20 at 20h precise. It all started with the monster that came out of the water with the Polar Peak tower on its back and spewed some kind of laser beam on the map.

He then headed to Loot Lake and violently hit the large metal plate in the middle. Meanwhile, the robot activated and rocked a dozen rockets at the monster.


This is most certainly the most spectacular event in Fortnite history.

The robot then darkened on the monster and took it with him out of the map into the water. He emerged as the big winner of this duel, but the monster who was extremely tough emerged from the water and attacked the robot who was badly injured.

The latter then went to Loot Lake and hit the metal plate to collect a ball of energy that he swung on the monster. He then went to Neo Tilted and unearthed a sword from the ground that he sank a few seconds later into the monster’s skull.

This event is certainly the most spectacular in the history of Fortnite Battle Royale, and it has caused many changes on the map.