Avengers Endgame surpasses Avatar and becomes cinema’s biggest hit

Avengers Endgame Has Already Generated More Money Than Titanic

Avengers Endgame is officially the biggest commercial hit ever in movie history.

The Marvel movie, which was the culmination of the cinematic universe that began in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie, had already surpassed Titanic in May.

For one last push, Disney recently released an extended version of Avengers Endgame with an extra 18 seconds. Revenue from this new version has exceeded Avatar’s $ 2.78 million.

It should be stressed that Avatar was also relaunched for the cinema. In 2010, it debuted an exclusive version for IMAX theaters with an extra 9 minutes of scenes (removed from the final version), all produced on computer graphics.

BoxofficeMojo data indicates that Avengers Endgame currently generated $ 2.79 million in revenue. It’s a small difference, but enough to make it the most commercially successful movie in the cinema.

Avatar director James Cameron acknowledged on Twitter the victory of Avengers Endgame, congratulating the film. Will the Avatar 2 movie, due in 2021, be able to overtake Avengers Endgame?