Official List of Challenges of Ultimate Effort of Season 9 on Fortnite Battle Royale


Check out the Official List of Fortnite Battle Royale’s Ultimate Effort Season 9 Challenges that are now available.

For a few seasons now, Epic Games has been setting up End-of-Season Ultimate Effort challenges that allow players to unlock new styles for different skins from the current Combat Pace but also from the EXP to pass additional levels and why not reach level 100 of the combat pass.

In total, you’ll have 12 challenges to take up and 50,000 EXP to win in just over 8 days, before Season 10 makes its appearance.

  • Complete all 12 challenges to win the award (12) – 15,000 EXP

Challenges of the Battle Pass

  • Complete the Free Challenges of Ultimate Effort (3) – Jonesy’s Bunker (Old)
  • Complete the Free Challenges of Ultimate Effort (6) – Stratus (Red)
  • Complete the Free Challenges of Ultimate Effort (9) – Meta (Nocturne)

Free challenges

  • Successful eliminations with a friend (25) – 2,500 EXP
  • Hitting opponents with shotguns (2,500) – 2,500 EXP
  • Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peak and Pressure Plant (3) – Charging Screen
  • ???

More challenges are yet to come in the next few days, stay tuned on this page to discover them right out!