Microsoft Studio Will Seek Talent From God Of War Team Again


Since it was founded in 2018 by Microsoft, The Initiative studio has been successively hiring staff, seeking talent from the best video game development teams.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, the same area as Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, The Initiative has taken advantage of this proximity to recruit staff who worked at the latest God of War.

As reported by Video Game Chronicle, The Initiative recently hired four level designers who worked on PS4’s God of War, namely: Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O’Neill and Ray Yeomans (who also worked on Tomb Raider).

This is not the first time The Initiative has sought talent from Sony Santa Monica. Last year he also recruited Brian Westergaard, PS4’s God of War producer, and more folks who were also involved in Tomb Raider.

So far The Initiative has not formally announced any of its projects. On the studio’s website, there are still several job offers, an indicator that the team is not complete.