Fortnite: Season 9 All Birthday Cake Locations


The  Fortnite Battle Royale players who enjoyed last year’s birthday festivities are in luck, while the event made its appearance in the game for the second time, along with a number of cakes. birthday scattered on the map of season 9. 

The challenges and rewards of Fortnite’s 2nd Anniversary are now online in the Battle Royale game, one of the main tasks being to locate all the birthday cakes that have been scattered. 

These are as far north as Junk Junction or south to Fatal Fields, but without a map showing where to find them, it will take a long time to determine where they are. That’s why we assembled the information on a map for you!

The following map shows the ten places where Fortnite’s birthday cakes are available and once the players have found them, they will have to dance in front of them, one by one, to meet the challenge. 

If you want to celebrate the second anniversary of the game with style and get your hands on some great rewards, it should give you a good head start. 

Find Fortnite birthday cakes at these locations and dance in front of them to meet the challenge.

Everyone may not know how to dance in front of them when they are located, however, here is a little step by step guide on how to do it successfully. 

How to take up the Fortnite birthday cake challenge

  1. Approach the birthday cake
  2. Put yourself in front of him
  3. Select a dance to emote
  4. Dance!

Each player begins on Fortnite with a dancing emote, which means that it is very easy to complete once you know where to find the cakes. 

With a number of new cosmetics to win, including the Frosted Weapon Wrap, the Birthday Slice Pick, the B-Day Beats Music Pack, and the Birthday Cupcake Emote, we hope to help you win new awards.