Pokémon Go – Team Rocket And All We Know About The Invasions


The Team Go Rocket has come into Pokémon Go with the invasions and bring with them the Shadow Pokémon.

The arrival of Team Go Rocket was first mentioned at the Chicago Pokémon Go Fest in 2019. As soon as the event was over, Team Rocket Grunts began appearing in photos that festival visitors took with Pokémon Go AR mode.

Then, at Pokémon Go Fest in Dortmund, in addition to the return of the Grunts photobombs, the Team Rocket balloon was seen flying through the skies.

Now that Team Rocket has arrived at Pokémon Go, we already know how the encounters will work, and it’s not unlike what was speculated and all the information that was leaked by data miners beforehand. You can see everything below more clearly.

How Do Team Go Rocket Invasions Work on Pokémon Go?

As we said earlier, the way these meetings work is not much different from what you anticipated, and you can even watch the video of a meeting below.

Simply put, the PokéStops have been invaded by Team Rocket Grunts, something you’ll be able to tell by their grayish color and with the cube moving in a strange way. In addition, as you approach, you may still see an “R” appearing above the cube.

The structure of the battle with Team Rocket Grunts is as follows:

  1. Team Go Rocket invades a PokéStop.
  2. You will be able to battle him and his Shadow Pokémon.
  3. If defeated, Grunt will abandon his Shadow Pokémon.
  4. You will have the opportunity to capture this Shadow Pokémon.
  5. If captured, you will need to purify the Shadow Pokémon.

So battling Team Go Rocket will work in a similar way to fighting team leaders – each Grunt will have three similar Pokémon at their disposal, each with a relatively low CP, and yet easy to defeat, yet work harder than their statistics suggest.

Capturing Shadow Pokémon seems to work in a similar way to capturing defeated Raid Bosses. You’ll get two Premier Balls for defeating Grunt and one more for every Pokémon you have in your party – which will almost always result in five. You can still have extra balls if you have the new “Hero” and “Purifier” medals.

Once you capture the Pokémon, the Purification process is much easier than anticipated – on the captured Pokémon’s private screen, in addition to the Evolve and Power Up options, you now have a new one that lets you Purify it.

You will then have to click on this option which will cost you 2000 Stardust and two candy, although you have a message that will appear to confirm the process. The purified Pokémon will then gain a significant amount of CP, cost less to make it more powerful, and learn the exclusive Charged Attack Return!

Team Rocket at the speed of light will strike!

What else do we know about the Invasions and Team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go?

Dataminers have discovered the following details about Team Go Rocket Invasions in Pokémon Go:

New Pokémon Go Missions for Team Go Rocket Invasions

The two new missions will be released as part of the Team Go Rocket Invasions update. Presumably, these missions will be found on the Special Research Field tab, along with Jump-Start Research and other Special Research missions.

Thanks to Kelven91, we already know the content of these new missions (and possible titles):

  • Battle Team Rocket
  • Purify Pokémon


New Pokémon Go Medals for Team Go Rocket Invasions

Two new medals were also launched as part of the Team Go Rocket Invasions. Both are related to your progress throughout the event as you battle Grunts and save Shadow Pokémon :

  • Purifier: Purify [X] Shadow Pokémon.
  • Hero: Defeat [X] Team Go Grunts.

What is Route Marker in Pokémon Go?

We now know three things about Route Marker – it’s a new Pokemon Go item, possibly related to the Team Go Rocket Invasions, and it’s called Route Marker.

The name, however, gives you an idea of ​​what this item is for. Namely, mark a course on the game map. It is possible that the Route Marker can be used to guide you to the PokéStops that were invaded by Team Go Rocket.