E3 2019: Get Behind The Scenes Of The Xbox Conference In Video


The Xbox conference of E3 2019, it was a show millimeter, loaded games, ads, and emotion, thanks to the intervention of Keanu Reeves, remained in the memories. But how did she prepare? A mini-documentary reveals it to us.

Seeing the show is one thing. Living from the inside is another. We have understood this with the incredible Raising Kratos, going back over the whole process of creating God of War. Now Microsoft and its Xbox division want to show off the scenes leading to a conference of just over an hour and thirty minutes.

With this Behind the Briefing, an “American-style” video of about 12 minutes, we can see how the event was organized, the rehearsals, the layout of the stage, the feeling of some actors like Rahni Tucker of Ninja Theory, Sarah Bond (head of the partnership department) or Tim Schafer of Double Fine.

One learns in particular that the girls of the big boss were in the assistance for the first time. We imagine that they screamed to go backstage and meet the star of John Wick. Otherwise, I do not understand.