Fortnite Battle Royale: The Deaf Streamer Ewok is the first woman to join FaZe Clan


Fortnite Battle Royale Ewok’s deaf streamer has just joined FaZe Clan, becoming the first woman ever to join the organization.

On July 27, a few hours after the end of the Fortnite World Cup Duet Finale, Banks posted a tweet announcing the recruitment of Ewok.

“Welcome to FaZe, you’re amazing, you inspire me,” he tweeted. “The first girl in FaZe’s story … you’re perfect.”

Ewok herself announced her arrival at FaZe in a video she posted a short time later on Twitter and it was clear that she was extremely happy to join this team.

Although she did not participate in the Fortnite World Cup Duo and Solo Finals, the streamer was invited to the Celebrations in New York to participate in the Celebrity Pro-Am, in which she was in duet with singer Jordan Fisher and ranked 25th and raised $ 20,000 for the association of their choice.

“Usually, we surprise our new members, but tonight we were surprised by the best news,” tweeted FaZe Clan. “Join us to welcome the first girl to join the FaZe Clan: Ewok”

Ewok is the latest known recruit of FaZe Clan within the content creators of the team, which includes NICKMERCS, Mongraal, Nate Hill and many others.