Bully 2 – News-Page is hoping for a release 2020 with joke-Leak


The news page Polygon has caused a stir with a supposed leak to “Bully 2”. Many believed that it revealed a release date to continue. Unfortunately, the whole thing just turned out to be a joke.

If it was up to the fans of Rockstar Games, the developers would have long since put on the sequel to Bully 2. The adventures of Jimmy Hopkins at the Bullworth Academy have made his time on the PlayStation 2 a lot of fun. But so far we have been denied a sequel.

The news site Polygon has fueled the rumors about “Bully 2”, which has cooled off a bit in recent months. At least for a moment. Because in a news about a secret that should point to the sequel “Bully 2”, they have built a supposed leak.

For example, in the News URL, the line reads “/ bully-sequel-announced-fall-2020-news-embargoed-do-not-publish,” which means “Bully’s successor for fall 2020 announced, please do not publish yet “. A common practice for news sites that get press releases with an embargo and pre-pave the announcement to be able to post directly to the news blackout case.

Many gamers jumped on it and felt confirmed that “Bully 2” will really be released next year. As this has quickly gained a lot of attention, the responsible people of Polygon apologized in an update. It is just a joke URL. They would have been changed to avoid further confusion.

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Source: Polygon