Does Xiaomi Prepare Redmi Note 8? An Event Is Scheduled For August


Weibo continues to be a source of rumors and confirmations from the world of Asian smartphone manufacturers. Recently, the consumer division director of Xiaomi, Wang Teng, answered some questions posed by the company’s fans. One of them, specifically, asked if I intend to hold a new event in the near future.

Teng responded that the company is planning a new event next month. The phrase has caused havoc among the fans, who have begun to hypothesize the possible products that we will see in the next keynote.

The most discussed smartphone is the Redmi Note 8, on which, however, no rumors have yet been leaked.

Previously, however, Redmi (the company controlled by Xiaomi) showed a new 64-megapixel camera prototype, and according to many, the new photographic system could make its debut on the successor of the successful Redmi Note 7, which was highly appreciated by users for the incredible value for money.

The 64-megapixel photo sensor is not the first in the market. In May, Samsung presented a lens with a similar resolution, the ISOCELL Bright GW1, which is currently the only one available for producers.

At the moment no information is available on the Redmi event, much less confirmation has arrived on Redmi Note 8.