Dragon Ball FighterZ: Nintendo leaks the last DLC characters


The console builders obviously do not want Bandai Namco Entertainment to keep the scoop of the announcement of the latest additional Dragon Ball FighterZ character. After Microsoft last May, Nintendo’s turn to reveal the identity of this protagonist earlier than expected. 

It is now possible to say without taking too much risk that Janemba, big villain of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusions of 1995, will be the last Dragon Ball FighterZ FighterZ Pass 2 character to be announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. 

After being revealed by mistake by Microsoft last May (error followed by a “denial” not particularly convincing), the arrival of Janemba in the fighting game comes this time to be announced by the official British website of Nintendo. Indeed, a page dedicated to the character is simply available on the site of the Japanese manufacturer. According to the latter, the Janemba DLC includes: 

  • The playable character Janemba
  • 5 alternative colors for his “outfit”
  • Janemba lobby avatar
  • A “Z Stamp” Janemba

Seeing the presence of this information on the Nintendo website, it is possible to expect that BNE announces very soon the arrival of the character in his game.