Gamescom 2019 – There Could Be A Live EA Event This Year


Electronic Art could host its own press conference as part of Gamescom 2019 and present updates on various games. An official statement of those responsible does not yet exist.

From the E3 gaming show, which takes place every year at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, we are used to the various press conferences that are being hosted by Sony, Microsoft, and Co. in advance. 

On the other hand, we associate Gamescom less with large presentations, but rather with huge booths in the entertainment area and correspondingly long lines. However, publisher and developer Electronic Arts may be able to launch their own live event this year to bring new updates on current and upcoming titles to the community.

EA with a Pressekonferenz?

This info comes from a fan page that focuses on EA’s football simulation “FIFA”. The EA Live Show is expected to take place on August 20 at 18:30 of our time and have a variety of surprises in their luggage. Players who can not be there will have the opportunity to watch the official Livestream via Twitch and YouTube.

FIFPlay suspects that during the show we will have a gameplay trailer and new screenshots for “FIFA 20”. In addition, the career mode could be officially revealed.

But what about other games? Not only “FIFA” fans are likely to get their money. Other updates may include “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” and the new “Need for Speed”. 

As soon as we have more information about this event, we will tell you about it on

Source: FIFPlay