GTA 5 – a Zombie DLC and Other Story Episodes Have Been Planned

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To date, there is no story DLC on “GTA 5”, although there have been some plans and ideas from the developers. Among other things, there were in fact considerations around a zombie DLC, in which the card would have been extensively rebuilt.

Players have been waiting for a single-player DLC on Rockstar’s open-world title Grand Theft Auto 5 for an eternity. But so far it looks for single players rather bad because the developers have fully dedicated to the online part. Little wonder, after all, the microtransactions in “GTA Online” can earn significantly more money, which is why the extensive casino update has just recently appeared.

Zombies in Los Santos

But as the colleagues of Eurogamer report in a long article about the six-year history of Los Santos vacant casino, some story DLCs were planned.

According to the Data miner Tez2 and Yan2295, there were internal plans to rebuild 80 to 90 percent of the game world of “GTA 5” and to focus on a specific topic. The ideas for a true zombie DLC for the singleplayer should actually have existed. It may sound a bit strange at first, but remember the DLC “Undead Nightmare” on “Red Dead Redemption”, which used such a setting.

The insiders also report that in another supposed story episode the story of Trevor would have been discussed, at the end of the storyline of “GTA 5”. The idiosyncratic protagonist would work with the IAA. Some of the resulting assets are said to have been used for the Doomsday update.

Robbery on the casino

Also interesting: There were plans for another DLC for the singleplayer, which would seem to have included a robbery at the Diamond Casino and Resort. It’s exactly this casino that can be entered in “GTA Online” since the last weeks to pursue various games of chance. For this update, the assets from the single-player were apparently also reused.

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