Nintendo Switch Lite Had Already Been Unveiled In April


We live in an era where, due to the speed of communication and ease of sharing content, it is increasingly difficult to keep a secret or surprise, just look at the amount of information leaks that happen in the video game industry.

As cautious as companies may be, the involvement of others complicates the creation of a closed circle of information, and eventually, the information that should be a secret comes to the public.

Although Nintendo only announced Switch Lite in July, it has now been discovered that a console image had already been unveiled in April. The image was shared on Twitter “Piranha Plant Capital”.

The account manager said at the time that he found the image on China’s social networks. Originally almost no one believed the picture was real, but now, months later, many are becoming stunned.

We should not always believe everything we see on the Internet, but sometimes it turns out to be true. This is an example of this.