Oppo Shows A New Smartphone With Ultra-curved Edges And No Buttons


Today Oppo has released some images of a new smartphone that includes a design called “Waterfall Screen”, which takes the concept of the screen with curved edges to the next level. As we show in the photographs below, released by The Verge, the panel rotates around the body of the device at 88 degrees.

The result is noteworthy, but the questions are not few. It is not known whether the area at the edges is also sensitive to touch, much less whether Oppo intends to avoid accidental inputs through some software optimization.

As noted by many, moreover, on the device there is no space for the power and volume keys , which means that the engineers will be forced to study some alternative solutions.

At the moment it has not been specified if it is a simple prototype shown for commercial purposes, or if we are looking at a preview of the next top smartphone of the Chinese company.

Recently, however, the Asian giant has also unveiled other projects that could complete the technical datasheet, including the integrated camera under the screen that amazed many and also gathered enthusiastic comments, to the point that other manufacturers would be willing to follow the trend.

Oppo is limited to saying that “with the innovative design Waterfall Screen will offer an engaging and innovative visual experience for users”.