Phil Spencer Doesn’t Want To Tear Sony Down

Phil Spencer

While some consumers believe that companies spend their lives focused on destroying rivals, the big names in the industry today contradict this notion with partnerships and collaborations.

In an interview with Fortune, Phil Spencer, the famous leader of Microsoft’s Xbox division, was asked about recent collaborations with Nintendo, Google and Sony – the latter seen as a direct rival in the console market, saying that they all work for Nintendo. Same goal: see the industry grow.

Spencer goes even further and says that Microsoft’s success doesn’t mean pushing Sony down.

“I’m always listening to the community, but people who want to see others failing for the green team to win, I’m not one of those,” said Spencer.

“Some people, when the partnership with Sony was announced, could see it online, ‘why are they helping them?’ We have a relationship of years and years with Sony.”

” Sony has released PCs that have Windows on them, they use our game development tools. This idea that the only way for any of us to succeed is to tear it down is simply not the way the industry works today. it’s not .”

Spencer also recalled that thanks to Minecraft, Microsoft is one of the most successful publishers on PlayStation 4 and the collaboration between the two companies should not surprise anyone.

The Xbox boss also talked about performance in terms of exclusives and how he wants to improve in that area.