Ryan Reynolds On Instagram Celebrates Five Years Since The Deadpool Leak


It’s been five years since Ryan Reynolds leaked the video test of Deadpool to the web, along with director Tim Miller. And half a decade later the star of the movie has fun again in remembering that moment, jokingly sharing the image of a corkboard with the investigations aimed at discovering who made that gesture.

From authors and screenwriters to particular and bizarre ‘accusations’ like that to Hugh Jackman. Meanwhile, the main rumor released at this time concerns the mention of ‘Phase 5’, made by Ryan Reynolds in the post, which triggered a domino effect of speculation on the rather important film. 
Many fans think that Deadpool can be part of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
“I don’t know, honestly,” explained director Davi Leitch “And it’s not for my failed attempts. I’m just giving everyone their time.

“I know that Marvel announced their list of future projects and I think people reacted with ‘Deadpool is not there. I wouldn’t rule it out. Deadpool is such a beloved character in a world so compelling that people would like to see it again. “And I think they will find a way to do it. I’m just patient and I let everyone take a deep breath and see how it works for them in the Marvel / Disney universe. And if I get the call it would be great.” 
To the rumor about Deadpool’s presence in Phase 5, Ryan Reynolds replied to a fan in these terms: “It’s not an announcement. Just a very thorough investigation. I will never stop persecuting responsible people” the star wrote, claiming he had not announced anything. 
“There is no doubt that Deadpool works. So why should we change it?” Kevin Feige said in an interview. Even in late July 2018, Ryan Reynolds had already joked on Twitter about the search for the leaked video on the internet. Instead, in February, President FX spoke of the cancellation of the animated series.