That’s Why We Didn’t See The Funeral Of A Character In Endgame

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We shed tears during Avengers: Endgame, between characters who sacrificed themselves heroically to save their friends and the whole universe and others who greeted us in a less dramatic way.

Not everyone, however, received the same honors. If a large space was dedicated to Tony Stark’s funeral during the final sequences of the film, in fact, someone else’s sacrifice went quietly. Let’s talk about Black Widow: the poor Natasha, sacrificed on Vormir to allow Clint Barton to recover the Gem of the Soul, unlike Iron Man did not receive funeral on screen.

One thing that made some fans turn up their noses, but was bent by directors Joe and Anthony Russo: ” Well, Natasha has another movie coming, Tony no. When you have to carry on three hours of film and you have that so much stuff to show you have to think about who will still have another dedicated movie and who not. Certain issues can always be closed in the next movie. […] Plus Tony has a funeral, Natasha no. Partly it’s also because Tony was a “A public figure, she was a bit hidden all the time. It wouldn’t have been so consistent with the character to give her a public funeral,” the two directors explained.

The response of the Russian, however, suggests that the issue could find space in the next Black Widow: will it be true? Natasha’s funeral, however, is not the only scene not shown for reasons of playing time: from Endgame a trip on the road was also cut with Wanda and Rocket and the reunion between Thor and Jane.

Source: CB