The Writer Of Endgame Would Gladly Write A Film About Superman


The success of the various Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame seems to be close to Stephen McFeely, one of the two writers of the biggest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ambition is certainly a lot and pushes, as it should be, the desire to try new experiences and new challenges.

Why not also throw an eye on the competition, then? In fact, during an interview, the two screenwriters were asked to choose a DC superhero on which they would be happy to make a film. No doubt about McFeely, who immediately makes his name: Superman.

” I mean, I think Captain America proves that there are absolutely ways to make a great Superman movie today. You don’t have to dirty it, you don’t have to get rid of his seriousness. I’m a big Superman fan by Christopher Reeve, they are among my favorite movies. So yes, of all [the DC superheroes] is definitely what I would borrow, “ the writer revealed.

Superman, on the other hand, is part of that plethora of superheroes mistreated by the successful swinging of the DC Extended Universe films: would McFeely be able to do better? Certainly, after the extraordinary success of the two concluding chapters of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has no lack of experience in the sector. Today, however, we are talking about simple fantasies.

McFeely and Markus have also recently talked about some scenes eliminated from the Avengers script: Endgame, including a car trip by Wanda and Rocket and the highly anticipated meeting between Thor and Jane.