The Youtubers Join A German Union. Clash In Sight With The Leaders Of Youtube

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 4: Detail of the YouTube logo outside the YouTube Space studios in London, taken on June 4, 2019. (Photo by Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Important collaboration has drawn up between some YouTubers of the “YouTuber Union” group, who announced their entry into a European Union, with which they presented a series of requests to Google’s video-sharing platform. This is an important change for the community, as until now the YouTube Union had had little power.

The collaboration was drawn up with IG Metall, one of the historic German unions famous for having represented metalworkers over the years and who updated their guidelines to embrace the newco.

The initiative was named FairTube, and also includes ultimatums launched on the platform, which will have to respond to appeals by August 23, through which they ask for greater transparency and more lobbying power in the content maker community.

” We are not asking for unrealistic things. We want fairness, transparency and being treated as partners. And we want personal communication instead of anonymous communication, ” the leader of the YouTube Union, Jorg Sprave, told Motherboard.

In an email sent to GizmodoSprave announced that the YouTubers Union has grown by 1,200 units in the three days following the publication of the video that launched the campaign, which was accompanied by ” incredibly positive comments “.

The requests include the creation of an independent mediation commission to deal with the disputed cases of demonetization and violation of the guidelines. In the video, Sprave states that content creators want to be included in the company’s decision-making process, for example through a formal advisory committee.

In the event that YouTube does not respond, various actions and mobilizations have been threatened.

The campaign also aims to enlighten the position of YouTube towards the rules of the European Union. On the horizon, there is a clash between the parties, but no response has come from YouTube.