Death Stranding Will Raise Industry Standards, Says Troy Baker

Death Stranding

Death Stranding will be a unique game, more than just a game and a statement of Hideo Kojima’s talent that will raise the bar in this industry.

So says actor Troy Baker, who gives Higgs his voice and his image in the new Japanese master’s game, adding that Kojima is more concerned with shaking the industry than selling units.

During Manchester Comic-Con via PushSquare, Baker talked about his involvement in Death Stranding and the expectations for its impact, talking about something very ambitious.

“It will definitely be a statement,” said Baker.

” If you know anything about Kojima, you know that he doesn’t create ‘games.’ He’s an amazing builder of worlds. He’s trying to push the medium further, not just trying to sell copies .”

Baker even says that Kojima is an industry icon and that his name will serve to sell Death Stranding.

“This will be a game whose names sell and will not be Norman Reedus or Mads Mikkelsen, and it will certainly not be Troy Baker. The name that will sell this game will be Kojima.”

Ambitious words from one of the actors involved in Death Stranding that will hit stores on November 8.