Fox News Channel Mocks Quirky “Cheat” in Fortnite


Epic Games has cracked down on some of Fortnite ‘s worst cheating tactics and glitches, season after season. However, Fox News presenters seem to believe that there is a potential bug that could have gone unnoticed. 

Players have already witnessed bugs for all kinds of weapons and items in the free game, including items such as Grapple, Shadowstones and many more, giving players a clear advantage Battle Royale. 

Yet, what SypherPK described as a ” high-level strategy ” was revealed by Fox News, who interviewed e-sports consultant Rod Breslau after the Fortnite World Cup final, where the Kyle ‘Bugha’ winner Giersdorf won $3 million.

Screenshots and clips of the passage on the news channel circulate on social networks. A graphic broadcast during the broadcast indicates the best way to cheat in the game. This is not a suggestion as remarkable as many might suggest… 

As seen in the video interview below, Fox News had the following message on the screen: ” How to cheat: hide in the bushes until the end of the game and you can sometimes win without doing anything .

Players who have played the game will be well aware that the chances of hiding in the bushes throughout the game and winning without shooting a single ball, or using other elements to hide, are extremely rare circumstances. 

It should come as no surprise that this suggestion raised some doubts, with Sypher questioning Bugha’s strategy in the final phase of the tournament. “You have public explanations to make, did you use the bush cheating strategy or not?” he asked him on Twitter. 

As season 10 approaches August 1, remember one thing. Whenever you hide in Fortnite bushes, someone may be really there to watch you and think you’re a cheater.