Need for Speed ​​2019 Will Be Unveiled in August


Electronic Arts confirmed in February that you will have a new Need for Speed ​​in 2019, but so far the game is shrouded in secrecy and anxiety continues to grow.

Need for Speed ​​went alongside E3 2019 as the team preferred to spend that time focused on development rather than focusing on a promotional event.

Although highly understandable, this left us another month without news of the new Need for Speed, which an Austrian store says is Need for Speed: Heat – something that has not yet been officially confirmed.

In their most recent presentation to their investors, Electronic Arts executives confirmed that “Need for Speed ​​2019” will be officially unveiled in August, most likely on the days that coincide with Gamescom.

This means that within weeks we will know what this Need for Speed ​​2019 will look like.