Will there be a beta for Modern Warfare?


It looks like the upcoming  Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare, will actually feature a beta test period, based on recent changes to an official website.

There is less than three months left until the release of Modern Warfare on October 25, and it is still unclear if and when there will be a beta. However, a subtle change to the official Call of Duty website suggests the game will have a beta version and there is already a process to access it.

Earlier on July 30, it was discovered that if you tried to visit the web address  callofduty.com/beta, the page would be redirected to another URL:  profile.callofduty.com/modernwarfare/beta.

Previously, the website was redirected to another URL – profile.callofduty.com/blackops4/beta – which was the page where players had to manage their access to last year’s beta for Black Ops 4. The new page web does not even exist yet, despite the redirection, since a message appears to indicate that an unexpected error has occurred.

The betas have been a fundamental aspect of every pre-release of the new Call of Duty in recent years, usually private and reserved for those who had pre-ordered the game in advance.

Since Sony’s exclusive deal with Activision was concluded, PlayStation 4 players have had their own private beta weekend. Subsequently, a private beta on all platforms was launched the following weekend.

As all indications are that this exclusivity agreement is still in effect, players can expect to see similar dates for Modern Warfare, assuming of course that there will be a beta.

If a beta period is to take place, Activision and Infinity Ward will probably make it officially on August 1, during the worldwide revelation of the multiplayer game. It will be during this announcement that the dates of the beta will have to be revealed, and for the confirmation that access will, again, be limited to users who pre-order the game.

For reference, the dates for the beta version of Black Ops 4 last year were:

  • Weekend 1: closed beta on PS4
    • Beginning: August 3rd at 7 pm
    • End: August 6th at 7 pm
  • Weekend 2: Closed beta on PS4/Xbox One + open beta on PC
    • Beginning: August 10 at 19h
    • End: August 13 at 19h

However, you do not have to worry if you do not plan to pre-order the game. Beta access codes are usually not very hard to find.