God of War Director Enjoys Micro-Transactions


God of War director Cory Barlog has repeatedly shown that he does not welcome micro-transactions and has once again expressed his displeasure with this face of the industry.

Barlog from Sony Santa Monica Studios has served as director of a singleplayer action-adventure game that, despite being considered a risk in an era of micro-transaction-backed multiplayer games, has won several awards and was considered the game of the year…

The director of God of War has shared his opinion on micro-transactions several times and now has done so again in a humorous way.

Through Twitter, Xbox asked its followers who is the biggest villain in video games and Barlog simply answered “the micro-tran $ actions”.

In this way, Barlog again shows his displeasure at the controversial ways to generate recurring revenue that some publishers have decided to implement in their video games.



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