Kojima says Death Stranding is currently crunching

Death Stranding

At a time when the industry is increasingly discussing crunch and its harmful effects on the health and well-being of producers, Hideo Kojima has admitted on Twitter that the development of Death Stranding is currently in a crunch period.

In software development, crunch is a period of overtime when producers make the utmost effort to finish the product (in this case the game) on time.

The crunch was long viewed as a necessary evil of the video game industry, but the frightening reports of producers working 90, 100 or more hours a week created a wave of awareness.

We don’t know how severe Death Stranding crunch is being, but in response to Kojima’s comments on Twitter, several of his followers commented on asking the team not to be sacrificed.

Some have even said that they don’t mind that the game is delayed so that crunch can be avoided.