Venom 2: Tom Hardy Seemed to Confirm Andy Serkis Directing Before Removing the Post


The Venom star, Tom Hardy, posted a post on Instagram a few hours ago that seemed to confirm the hypothesis of seeing Andy Serkis directing the sequel. However, the post was later removed. After the commercial success of Venom, the project of a sequel was immediately put on-site by Sony, without the help of Ruben Fleischer.

The director of the first film dedicated himself to the sequel to Benvenuti a Zombieland, and according to last week’s reports Andy Serkis, Travis Knight and Rupert Wyatt met with Sony to discuss the sequel to Venom. 
And the confirmations seemed to come precisely from the protagonist of the franchise, Tom Hardy; the British actor had published the photo of Andy Serkis associated with Venom on his Instagram profile, only to remove it (almost) promptly. 

In addition, the star published a mysterious second post related to the caption of the one on Serkis. What is cooking?
Venom told the story of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist destroyed after losing his job and his girlfriend (Michelle Williams). Just when his life touches the bottom, an alien symbiont moves on his body that allows him to acquire superpowers, transforming it into Venom. 

Eddie / Venom will try to use them against a seemingly indestructible threat like Riot. 
Also in the cast of the film are Riz Ahmed and Reid Scott. 
In any case, Venom 2 does not have a release date while Serkis spoke to Sony recently. What future awaits Eddie Brock at the cinema?