Jamie Bell Excited About the Possibility That Friend Taron Egerton Becomes Wolverine


In a recent interview with Variety, Jamie Bell, who starred opposite Taron Egerton in the recent Rocketman, was asked about the possibility that his colleague and friend would become the new Wolverine for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As you will know, in the past few weeks several rumors have persistently been pursued according to which the actor of the Kingsman franchise is in contact with Kevin Feige to collect the heavy legacy of Hugh Jackman, and Taron Egerton himself said he was enthusiastic about it.

Now the same enthusiasm seems to have also infected Jamie Bell, who played Bernie Taupin in the Elton John biopic.

” Why not! He can play Elton John, so why not? Indeed, I find it a logical evolution! I’m sure he’d love to do it, he’s really great. And that’s what comes into play when you work with him: you have no idea of what he could do. That’s why I’m sure he could do it. He’d be another arrow to his bow. ”

Curious choice of words, given that among the last roles of Egerton we also remember that of Robin Hood in Robin Hood: The Origin of the Legend.

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For more information, we refer you to a fan-art that imagines Taron Egerton as Wolverine.