Marvel in Search of a Young African Actor. Will He Be in Shang-Chi?


The Marvel Studios are definitely in the process of development and research of new talent for the next film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many casting calls open in the USA for the actors who would like to become part of this universe.

And after the casting call for a transgender character that will potentially appear in Thor: Love and Thunder (will be Sere?), Marvel Studios opened the selections for a role called “Adam” in casting calls. The part is for any African or African American actor between 23 and 25 years old. TheGWW which reports the news exclusively does not know for which film it is but speculates on the possibility that it may be Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Although the young Simu Liu will be the protagonist of the film, it is clear that the film directed by Daniel Destin Cretton needs supporting actors. According to TheGWW this casting, therefore, could be for the character of M’Nai, a young African who, in comics, lived in a village where Fu Manchu and his men had their headquarters. When the British army attacked the village to stop Fu Manchu, M’Nai was one of the casualties and ended up being disfigured; instead of “crying”, M’Nai decided to follow Fu Manchu and become a half  brother to Shang-Chi.

M’Nai called himself Midnight from then on. When Fu Manchu ordered Midnight to kill Shang-Chi the two became sworn enemies for life. In the film, of course, Fu Manchu will not be there but since the Mandarin should take his place, the story could still be the same.

Another possibility, of course, is that this casting call, however, for both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Scott Derrickson. In the film, in fact, Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo, a historical character from Dr. Strange’s comics, may appear. Last possibility, but more remote, is that it can be Blue Marvel in one of the next projects.

Which character do you think will be?