New Picture of ARMY of the Dead, Netflix Zombie Movie Directed by Zack Snyder


During the night, a new official image for Army of the Dead, a zombie movie produced and distributed by Netflix for the screenplay, photography and direction of Zack Snyder, arrived on social networks.

As you can see at the bottom of the article, the photo was published on Theo Rossi’s official Instagram profile: taken from behind the scenes of the film, it shows us the protagonists of the film during a break from filming (except Omari Hardwick and Danielle Burgio Merrell, that as Rossi reveals took advantage of the break to go to the bathroom).

Army of the Dead will revolve around a group of mercenaries who will attempt to implement the greatest robbery ever made, all in the frame of a Las Vegas in full zombie apocalypse. Bautista will play Scott, the organizer of the robbery and a man full of regrets who has been removed from his family. Among the characters in the film, we will also find Kate, Scott’s daughter and a member of the World Health Organization.

As previously announced, Hiroyuki Sanada, the legendary Japanese actor who has been involved in Hollywood productions for years, will also be in the cast of Army of the Dead. For more information, we refer to an interview Snyder talked about his next three films and the first official picture of Army of the Dead.