The Authors of Avengers: Endgame Talk About the Journey Through Time of Cap and the Multiverse


Speaking with the Los Angeles Times during a recent interview, Avengers: Endgamescriptwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely discussed some elements of the Russo film and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general.

About the possibility, for example, that the old Cap was present at Peggy’s funeral seen in Civil War, the two authors explained:

” It would be a great thing. There is no precise explanation for Cap’s time travel. In short, we had public disagreements with directors Anthony and Joe Russo, “they said jokingly,” about how Endgame’s time travel works, but we love the idea that there are two Steve Rogers in the same timeline. One who lived a long and happy life with Peggy and stayed on the sidelines and watched his young version carry his wife’s coffin. Not only because of the subtle pleasures of time travel, but above all for the bizarre and strange personal pain and satisfaction that the elderly Steve Rogers would have experienced in such a scene. In a sense, I love it. 

When asked if an exact explanation will ever be given, McFeely replied:

” It depends on the kind of stories that Marvel wants to tell in the future, and I don’t know if they want to tell exactly this story. Do they want to tell stories with characters that are no longer there? Do they want to make prequels? Black Widow is just a direct prequel or is it “Do you want to embrace the multiverse or not? And if they do, what kind of story do they want? Captain America could save John F. Kennedy in a story, right? Is that the kind of story you want to tell? Not “I know. But they are redeveloping the public. My grandmother might not be able to understand the multiverse, but I think many members of the public might go crazy with joy. So I don’t know.”

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