What If Namor Was the Villain of Black Panther 2? the Rumor That Goes Crazy on the Web


We specify immediately: the source of this rumor ( We Got this Covered ) is very unreliable and, very often, the news it launches are “fake”. But this rumor that they launched in these hours we want to bring back anyway.

Why? Because it is not so far-fetched. Surely We Got This Covered tried to “guess”, launching a fan theory as the rumor of some unlikely Hollywood source (they had done the same with the Mandarin in Shang-Chi and Taskmaster in Black Widow and among the 300 daily rumors they cast and they turn out to be false, they took us on those two). So who knows if they have “caught” us this time too?

Of Black Panther 2, which will be released in Phase Five and of which we do not even know the release date, we know little except for some return (like Danai Gurira as Okoye). But according to the site, this time our Black Panther will have to face nothing less than Namor. In comics Namor is often depicted as an anti-hero hovering between being a hero and a sort of villain; in Black Panther 2, according to the unlikely site, he would have to clash with T’Challa and unleash a war between Wakandians and Atlanteans.

Why did we report this rumor to you? Because, as mentioned, it may not be so far-fetched. In Avengers: Endgame, it is Okoye herself who refers to an event that could very easily be linked to the character of Namor the Sub-Mariner. In the film released last April, Okoye reveals to the Black Widow of a problem linked to an earthquake under the ocean; Natasha is worried about the event and asks Okoye how to handle it, and the latter explains to her that “they will manage it by not managing it”. What is certain is that this potential easter egg is ‘very tight’ and, the same writers of Endgame had talked about it during an interview.

Even if the source is unreliable (so always take all that with ‘pincers’), it’s not the first time we’ve heard of Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Scott Derrickson(Doctor Strange) had posted it on Twitter (and then removed it), a report suggested his possible future introduction and Kevin Feige himself had teased the fans about his appearance.

The character’s situation has always been linked to a rights issue. Namor had been licensed to Universal before the birth of Marvel Studios and, although he had never made a film about him (he had only tried it over the years, without success), the contract with old Marvel had, in some way, ‘frozen’ the rights making it impossible to use by Marvel Studios (similar situation for Hulk who can’t have a movie of his own without the Universal involved).