Once upon a Time in Hollywood Could Arrive on Netflix with a 4 Hour Extended Version


While Quentin Tarantino is in Rome to present the new film sound in the company of Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, cast member Nicholas Hammond (the Spider-Man from the Paramount live-action series) revealed that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood could land on Netflix in an extended version

“They are talking about publishing a 4-hour version on Netflix,  he said during a recent interview with Discussing Film. “Because Tarantino filmed a lot of things that failed to fit into the film due to lack of space. It’s two hours and forty minutes long, so it had to be cut somewhere.”

In the United States the director has already approved an operation of this type, again in collaboration with Netflix for The Hateful Eight : his eighth film, in fact, is available in the American catalog in the form of a TV series of 4 episodes with a total duration of 210 minutes, far superior to the 167 with which the film came out in theaters.

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival and available in US theaters since July, Tarantino’s ninth film is about to arrive in Italy on September 18th. To remedy the wait, we recommend reading our review of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.