The Batman: John David Washington Joins Pattinson in the Cast?


Right now the only confirmed member of the cast for The Batman is the Dark Knight in person Robert Pattinson, but according to the latest rumors, Matt Reeves already has one of the co-stars in mind.

As reported by Geeks WorldWide, in fact, the director and Warner are considering engaging John David Washington for a key role in the film of the Hooded Crusader. The negotiations between the studio and the actor have not yet started but for the report one of the possible roles would be that of Harvey Dent.

Son of Denzel Washington and star of the acclaimed BlackKklansman by Spike Lee, a film thanks to which he was a candidate for the last edition of the Golden Globe, Washington has recently appeared in Tenet’s first official teaser (published in theaters and not yet released on the net) , the new film by Christopher Nolan that will also feature Pattinson himself.

The filming of The Batman is expected to start in early 2020, therefore we are bound to cast new news in the coming months: the wait is much above all to find out who will be the new interpreters of iconic characters like Catwoman and The Penguin. However, the last official confirmation concerns the crew of Reeves’ collaborators, it has been confirmed that Graig Fraser will be the DOP.