Nintendo Switch New Model Has Better Screen

Nintendo Switch Is the Best Selling Console in the US in 2019

If you haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch yet, it’s best to wait until the new model arrives. What is the reason for this advice? Early tests on the new model show that not only does the battery last longer thanks to the new processor, the screen is also better.

Youtuber Kevin Kenson has already managed to get the new model and has published a video comparing and performing various tests between the new model of the Nintendo Switch and the original. Tests show that the screen of the new model is brighter (291 Nitts vs 318 Nitts) and has greater accuracy in color representation.

The brighter screen means the new model is more viable for playing away from home. The difference is small, but according to the expert Kevin Kenson called to conduct the tests, it is sufficient to note differences.

The battery has also been tested, and as mentioned by Nintendo, the new model of the Nintendo Switch is more efficient. In the case of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo says the battery lasts 5.5 hours in the new model versus 3 hours in the original model.

In Portugal the new model of Nintendo Switch will hit stores in September, a day yet to be announced. The price will be the same as the original model.