Dead Cells receives a new free update that introduces reduced versions of the bosses

deal cells

Dead CellsMotion Twin’s acclaimed rogue-like action-platformer, has been a big hit with players and the team, for its part, continues to support the title since last year’s early access release. And here we are again, with the fourteenth free update of Dead Cells, entitled Who’s the Boss, now available on PC, with the console versions to follow.

Who’s the Boss was designed, according to the latest video diary of the developers, to solve a problem: the defeat that players often encounter when they meet one of the bosses of Dead Cells for the first time.

The problem, in essence, is that not many are familiar with the most lethal moves of a boss before a battle, which means that death can come in a few seconds. With Who’s the Boss, however, six new enemies are introduced, each modeled on existing game bosses and each appears on the stage immediately before the “major boss”.

The new additions all come with a variant of the older brother’s most devastating attack and this should help players when they face the boss’s life-size version. The new Automaton, for example, comes out of nowhere and hurls itself towards the players by replicating Time Keeper’s lethal moves.

The latest update of Dead Cells also introduces seven new weapons, mostly inspired by a particular attack by each boss. All the details on the update news are available in the Motion Twin post on Steam.

The developer also notes that the Dead Cells Who’s the Boss update will come in the Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions as soon as it goes through the certification process. This, Motion Twin states, will probably take two or three weeks.

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