Some images of the new Need for Speed ​​appear online before the official announcement by EA


Since the release of the original game in 1994, the Need for Speed series has pierced the hearts of players who love adrenaline racing on the road and now it seems that the curtain has been raised on the next chapter, though not officially.

At the beginning of the week, EA revealed that it would kick off the pre-Gamescom celebrations by offering us a look at the upcoming Need for Speed, with the official revelation scheduled for today, Wednesday, August 14th at 4pm (GMT +2).

However, a user would have been able to extract images from the teaser site with the countdown and, probably, it would be the images that EA will show in the reveal trailer.

The images show some glimpses of the game in action, some potential new information and confirm the name and theme of the title, which seems to be called Need for Speed Heat.

The game should have a slightly 80s feel and would be set in Miami, at least according to the leaked logo. Similarly, the other images highlight a woman in a modern-looking sports car and a character who escapes from a dangerous situation.

All that remains is to wait for today’s official reveal.

What do you think? Are you waiting for the new Need for Speed?