Age of Empires IV reveals atmosphere and shines in first gameplay trailer


For more than two years since Microsoft to present to the world Age of Empires IVthe new installment of the classic strategy series that will return to the hands of the developer Relic Entertainment. Despite the passions that this title stands among the fans of the strategy, the silence had taken over the project during all these months. But Microsoft and Relic have broken that silence today, revealing a first and spectacular gameplay Age of Empires IV.

It has been in the framework of the Inside Xbox that takes place on the occasion of the X019 where Relic has left to take a first look at the aspect that looks Age of Empires IV. As you can see in the gameplay trailer that I leave below, Age of Empires IV seems to be constructed directly on the basis playable of the first deliveries, rescuing numerous mechanical and submitting a wager of real-time strategy classic cut. However, the technical section itself that has gained a lot over the years, and we find a Age of Empires IV that looks spectacular including animations very improved with respect to the past of the franchise.

Another detail that confirms the gameplay shown in the Inside Xbox is relative to the game’s atmosphere. As has been shown, Age of Empires IV will be set in the Middle Ages. By the time it was revealed the presence of two civilizations: the mongols and the English. Here you can see for yourselves the trailer gameplay that have been revealed these are the first details of Age of Empires IVa game that its leaders have referred to as “the greatest new beginning for a franchise historical“.

It is worth noting that the game has been announced for PCbut for the moment no more details of any kind about its launch. Age of Empires IV will land on PC in the future, without a specific date provided.