Death Stranding is updated to version 1.05


Death Stranding it is without doubt one of the video games of the time. The work of Hideo Kojima it has been one of the releases most powerful of the month of November and is not for less, providing us with a title with a few environments of large dimensions, a variety of missions and objectives to perform in addition to an interesting story full of frames. A title with these features is capable of raising a lot of expectations, something that has managed to fulfill both the critics and the players.

During the day of today we have known the arrival of an update patch to Death Strandingbringing the version of the title to the 1.05. With a size of little more than 1.05 GB made several improvements in various aspects that still have not been determined. Many of the sources speak of an improvement in performance and bug fixes minor problems, without going into the depths to specify what they are.

Other suggest that we have optimized the timings and speed load, making the step between scene and streams the game to be much more brief. This latest patch has arrived shortly after its version 1.04, whose launch occurred last week. This is something that can appease the fans by providing a steady pace of updates to introduce multiple improvements and additions.

Death Stranding already available exclusively in PlayStation 4.