Disney+ debuts with all the movies Star Wars in 4K


The remasterizaciones rumored months ago, have ended up appearing in the new streaming service

What was expected to be a collector’s edition incredibly sought after ended up being the greatest gesture of solidarity Lucasfilm with the fans. For some months the rumour was that the studio was working on a remastering in 4K of the prequels of Star Warsand of course, at that time no one doubted that would go destined to the domestic market. What is the surprise? The new subscribers of Disney+ you have come across these versions in the catalog of the platform.

This same November 12, it was the service of the united States, and with it, tons of information. Hundreds of users began to report, as a result, the presence of the 8 films in the franchise re-mastered to the highest quality; with Dolby Vision and support Atmos. Saving “Han Solo” and “The Last Jedi”, which already had releases on maximum quality, this is the first time that fans can access openly to the first six deliveries with definition 4K.

Endgadget, the middle is responsible to highlight the surprise news, he claimed he claimed also that “lrepresentatives of Dolby and Disney did not have many specific details to share about the remaster of Star Wars“. This, to some extent, it is a big problem in general, and adds more fuel to the fire of Disney+. And that is that there has not been a new remaster of the original trilogy or the prequels from the Blu-ray released to the market the past 2011.

With this movement, the catalogue ends to be reinforced in the face of the greater supply in streaming of the saga ever made. In previous years, Netflix had the privilege of having some of the tapes, but never at the same time, and never in the best quality available. The Burbank are now equipped not only with the possibility of earning the favor of the fans more veterans, but also open doors to fall in love with the new padawans with “The Mandalorian”.

Yes, none of this will come to Spain until the next March 31, 2019. But for all those who were thinking of going over for some shop to get the versions that are already on sale, it may be a better option to wait for a service that will have a ridiculous monthly cost of $ 7. The price of the collector will no longer be mandatory requirement for those who want to approach more casual.