Flight Simulator returns to be shown in a dramatic trailer


Microsoft Flight Simulator has confirmed their arrival to Xbox One and PC the next year 2020. The flight simulator developed by Microsoft confirming its appearance on both platforms from the event X019, which is being celebrated in these times and which will run over the weekend. One of their advertisements has been this flight simulator which boasts of technical aspects, scenarios, and a beautiful presentation.

During their presentation they showed a new trailer as well as some of the most prominent features of the hand of their developers. One of them is that it will make gala of the processing Microsoft Azure, thanks to which processed a multitude of data in the cloud and in real-time. Not only will this guarantee a great realism but facilitate the performance of the title.

As for the trailer, after seven years, we can confirm the arrival of the next installment of the famous saga. Put us at the controls of a multitude of boats of the size of fighter jets, passenger aircraft or vehicles easier will be the keynote of this powerful simulator. In terms of power, we must highlight that will make gala a 4K resolution, which means that we will meet before the delivery most ambitious of the franchise to date.

Another of the interesting details we find in the large amount of cameras available, allowing us to see our boat from different angles, or be inside the cab and observe each one of its indicators.

Flight Simulator will be available next year in Xbox One and PC.