Grounded is the new project from Obsidian, creators of Fallout New Vegas


Just a few weeks ago that came to the market The Outer Worlds, the latest project that has brought to the market the team Obsidianthe creators of Fallout New Vegas and, since some months ago, part of Xbox Game Studios. This study, however, it seems that it has stopped with The Outer Worlds and today they have made public Groundedhis new video game.

As has been explained from the study, despite the fact that Obsidian it is well-known for their proposed role, Grounded away from this bet, and proposes a co-op experience of survival with construction. However, in Grounded we will live this experience from the point of view of a bit character. As well, the dangers that will confront will be insects and large items that could cause us problems.

Despite the fact that she has not given a specific date of launch, it has been specified that it will be available in the early access program Xbox Game Preview and as part of Xbox Game Pass from some point in the spring of 2020 in both Xbox One as in PC. Then you can take a look at the gameplay trailer with that Grounded has been presented.

Beyond this, from Obsidian have clarified that there are several teams within the studio working on different projects. Grounded is one of them, but it does not mean that the study go to abandon the genre that characterizes them. There are new RPG not advertised in developmentconfirmed from the study. However, to get to know them we will have to wait more and, for the moment, we have to make do with to know more of Grounded.